“We are going to get through this.” That was an important statement made by many leaders both locally in Detroit and by President Trump and his Coronavirus task force.

I am not going to get into politics because that just adds negativity to an already stressful time. How we communicate in a crisis will impact how we get through it.

You may think it’s a natural occurrence and common sense to speak positively especially in the middle of chaos but it really isn’t. It’s a strategy.  As Christians, we offer hope.

The world is often focused on Money, Sports, Fame and Politics.

We all should be passing along factual information about this crisis but we need to discern what we are to learn from this entire experience.

I recently read on Facebook a post that included: what the Coronavirus is teaching us.

Here are some positive messages and lessons we could all learn and share during this COVID-19 critical period.

● Our best protection is GOD.
● Our best refuge is our HOME.
● Our best company is our FAMILY.
● Our real time is TODAY.

And that, we are not gods. We are not kings.  We do not have the power to control the world even though some think they do. We are small parts of this whole world, fragile and vulnerable. If nothing else, this Coronavirus is teaching us, we need to realize we can only control our reaction to the circumstance, not the circumstance itself.

As Christians let’s communicate:

Truth: Only speak facts about this virus. Don’t pass on alarming information that is not validated.

Kindness: Call people and check on them during this time. Face-time them or use other tools like Zoom to play games and have a virtual lunch with someone.

Forgiveness: If have been feuding with someone, what a great time to offer to make amends. This could be a wakeup call for all of us to focus on what really is important in life.

Respect: Whether you like the President or not or Michigan’s Governor, accept who they are and the positions they hold. You don’t have to like someone to respect the role they are in. You don’t have to agree and yes you can voice your opinion but in a respectful way. Stop turning this crisis into a political issue even if the elected leaders are doing so themselves. You rise above the political agendas and speak respectfully on all your platforms.

Love: When confined at home for a long period of time, it’s only natural to get antsy and agitated. Spouses might quarrel, siblings may feud and emotions may escalate. We have to remember why we love the people we do even if they are getting on our nerves.  In the midst of chaos, stop to say “I Love You.”  You never know if it might be the last thing you ever say to that person.

One thing this crisis has taught us is that we never know what will happen in life, when life will be halted and when we might be brought to our knees. So, a more peaceful way to get through this crisis is to communicate like a Christian. When in doubt, ask yourself: What Would Jesus Say?

Vanessa Denha Garmo is the founder of the Communications Evangelist Institute and Epiphany Communications & Coaching. She offers Christians Coaching for those interested in adding a Christian perspective in leadership, career development and in everyday aspects of life.